Android App

Metro LX for Android devices is a comprehensive guide to the Lisbon’s Subway providing:

  • A map of Lisbon Metro (subway) in landscape mode;
  • A route planner between stations with two selection methods (diagram selection or name selection);
  • Showing route duration and list of stations;
  • A map route to station gate from your position (walking or driving);
  • Show diagram’s selected station on map;
  • And detailed information per Station;
  • Share a route;
  • Support for multiple screen sizes and resolutions;
  • In English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish and Russian.

Metro LX may use your phones GPS and internet access only to find the nearest station and show Google maps. This data will be sent solely to Google (please read their “Privacy Policy“); Metro LX will not collect or use any personal data from its users, and provides means to switch off the GPS usage (preferences tab – since version 2.6).

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